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Collection: Yazd

The Yazd Collection brings together beautiful patterns in classic coloration's. The collection ranges from traditional classic designs, transitional easy to use motifs, and contemporary fun patterns. The 100% polypropylene pile is woven densely in order to enhance the details of the designs. Coming in a range of designs, colors, and sizes Yazd fits any space at a great price point.
10 products
  • Yazd 2816-510 Blue/Ivory Area Rug
  • Yazd 8960-340 Red/Sage Area Rug
  • Yazd 8471-510 Blue/Ivory Area Rug
  • Yazd 7946-110 Cream
  • Yazd 2804-190 Cream/Black
  • Yazd 2803-190 Ivory/Grey Area Rug
  • Yazd 2803-150 Grey/Ivory Are Rug
  • Yazd 2801-110 Beige/Beige Area Rug
  • Yazd 1770-590 Blue/Grey Area Rug
  • Yazd 1744-310 Red Area Rug