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You’ve bought a fashion-forward area or shag rug from us... or you have an old favorite that’s seen heavy use and you want to keep it looking good. Don't fret - we are here to help. 

* Please Note: We highly recommend you take your area rug to a professional. This is general guidance. We are not responsible if any issues arise during the cleaning and care process of your valuable rug. 

Common Issues

These are things that may happen to your rugs or seem like they are defects but are ordinary things that happen to most, if not all, area and shag rugs.


All carpets lose color with time due to the natural forces in the environment. This can be delayed by reducing light exposure, vacuuming regularly, and changing heating and air conditioning system filters. Also remember to rotate your rug once or twice a year so that wear and use will be spread evenly.


There may be some fiber loss in installation, usage and routine maintenance.  This shedding of the fiber is a natural characteristic of high-grade wool and new rugs. It is not detrimental to the quality or the life of the carpet. We advise you to gently vacuum the carpet in the first few months and wiping down the surface with a warm, damp, cloth will also help.

Snags, Pilling and Sprouting

Sharp objects will grab and cause snags in the carpet. Remove by cutting the snag.  Larger snags may require professional repair.

Small balls of carpet fiber may appear on your carpet. Snip off excess pills and contact a professional if the problem continues.

Strands may occasionally break away from the rest of the pile and make their way to the surface. This is normal for rugs with tufts since not all tufts are the same length and/or shape. Trim sprouts with scissors to level with the rest of the pile. Never pull.


Odors can be caused by dyes, certain yarns, and/or from being shipped in sealed wrap for long distances and duration. Odors will dissipate over time but certain fabric cleaners can help expedite the process.


High humidity may cause rippling. If the carpet remains rippled after a period of high humidity, call a professional for re-stretching. Some stretching is normal after the first few months.


Packing and shipping may cause temporary creases in your rug, which will gradually recede. To help speed up flattening and removing creases, you can back-roll or reverse-roll the rug.

 Regular Care and Cleaning

Before you start vacuuming and generally cleaning your rug or even the rest of your floors remember that the best way to keep things clean is to avoid getting them dirtied in the first place. If you place mats at all the entrances to your home you are helping keep your home clean and your rugs beautiful. You can keep most of the dirt out with a good welcome mat.

When you vacuum your rug remember that the suction needs time to be effective so slow down your vacuuming. No matter the strength or the quality of your vacuum is not as important as it having time to remove the dirt from the fibers. Take special care if your rug has fringes as they tend to jam your vacuum and possible damage your rug if they get stuck in the bar, brush or roller.

Most manufacturers suggest vacuuming the same area 5 to 7 times, 3 times per week. Do not use a beater bar just use suction. Professional cleaning is recommended after 2 years, and every 18 months thereafter. Remember, although a carpet may be considered stain resistant, none is stain proof. Don’t forget to perform routine maintenance on your vacuum as well to have a clean rug and a well working vacuum. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see how to best maintain your equipment.

You can also steam clean soiled rugs depending on the material. You can rent machines to do this but it is recommended to get professional help to not damage the rug and getting cleaned thoroughly.


Stains are complicated and cleaning them can depend on the type of stain and the type of material it is on. Things that may cause permanent staining include hair dye, certain cosmetics, shoe polish, paints, and inks. Bleach, plant food, insecticides, and food and beverages with strong dyes can change or destroy carpet color We have some advice for you but remember to take care in treating stains, test treatments on small parts of your rug or similar rugs and especially consider getting professional help in cleaning stains.

General Advice and Methods of Stain Removal

  • Remember to test whatever method you are using on a small part of the rug and make sure to read care instructions that come with your rug
  • Always clean spills as quickly as possible the faster you get to the stain the cleaner you keep your rug.
  • Try to scoop up solid waste with a dull knife or spoon, blot or dab at liquids with a towel or rag working in from the edges of the stain to prevent it from spreading and remember to turn the cloth
  • Be gentle with your rug and never scrub or use a coarse brush on rugs unless otherwise instructed for the specific rug.
  • Try to brush or blot in the direction of the rugs pile so to keep the surface in good shape. If the rug is wet put the pile in the right direction so it dries correctly and keeps its shape.
  • Rinse or remove stains by applying warm tap water and using a clean cloth or sponge repeat until all detergent is removed. Do not over wet the rug so it does not shrink, streak or grow mildew. Dry the rug as thoroughly as possible.

Cleaning Materials

Soap and Water

Soap and water work well on most stains, get to the stain as soon as possible and be gentle. 


 Mix ¼ teaspoon detergent with 1 cup of water stir and apply to a clean cloth dampen the area of the stain and dry with another dry cloth.

Ammonia & Vinegar

Mix 2 tablespoons of non bleaching, non foaming ammonia with 1 cup warm water. Apply the ammonia then rinse the spot with warm water. Dab dry with a towel or rag but do not use paper towels or tissues. Next mix 1 cup of vinegar with 2 cups of water and apply to the spot and blot then dry it is important to use vinegar after the ammonia cleaning so the ammonia is neutralized. You can also use the vinegar solution on its own.

Absorbent Powder

Vacuum the stain or spill and then sprinkle your absorbent powder on the rug, brush it into the pile of the rug then vacuum again. Make sure to vacuum thoroughly to remove all the powder.

Foaming Shampoo

For light or quick cleaning of small spots foaming shampoos are convenient. Dry the spot and apply the shampoo and follow the instructions on the bottle or can.

For Wool, Cotton, Acrylic and Viscose Rugs

  • Dab excess liquid with a dry rag or towel before cleaning with chemicals or solvent. Make sure to not rub the stain so as not to spread it further or deeper.
  • Wool should be cleaned with neutral detergents and dried fast. Dry the rug by dabbing it dry don’t use heat or air dry it so to leave it smelling fresh.
  • Try not to use “oxi” brand cleaners on wool as they can fade the rug.
  • You can try steam cleaning the item if it is covered in stains or just needs a general cleaning but it may be best to use a professional service.
  • For plushy rugs do not use powder cleaners the powder is tough to remove fully.

For Synthetics, like Viscose, Olefin, and Nylon

  • Use a neutral detergent and dry the rug fast
  • “Oxi” brand cleaners are okay here. Just follow the instructions carefully.
  • Do not use laundry detergent to clean synthetic rugs.

For Natural Rugs, like Seagrass, Jute, Sisal, Hemp, and Coir

 Only clean with neutral detergents and dry fast to keep them in good shape.


At Buy Rugs Cheap we are always looking to minimize costs for our customers. We will cover the cost of handing, such as packaging and preparing, making it easier for our customers. Direct Shipping costs for orders are calculated based upon shipping factors (i.e. size of the rug, weight of the rug, distance being traveled, dimensions, etc.) at the time your rug order is placed.

Once your rug is ready to be shipped, we will e-mail you a tracking number for your reference.


Given that our goal at Buy Rugs Cheap is 100% customer satisfaction, we want to be sure that our customers’ expectations are met or exceeded. Please see details below.

If returning a rug for reasons of dissatisfaction (i.e. unsatisfied with the design, color, etc.), please contact us so that we can arrange a return service within 30-days of initial shipment. All rugs returned for reasons of dissatisfaction must be unused and in re-sellable condition. Please note, our area rugs are shipped individually wrapped and must be returned in the same manner as they were received

To begin the return process, please e-mail us at within the relevant timeframe and inform us with the following information:

  • The order number
  • The name on the order
  • The email address used for the order, and
  • The reason for their return.

While we offer free shipping for qualifying orders, we are unable to offer free return shipping - return shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility. However, we do work with our carriers to be able to offer customers the best rate possible.

After we receive the customers’ order number and reason for return, we will provide a Return Authorization Number (RAN) and a return label - the price of which will be deducted from the refund.

The RAN will be essential in that the customer MUST write the RAN CLEARLY on the outside of the packaging of the area rug prior to returning it. Failure to do so may result in an incomplete return and/or customers may incur a 25% restocking fee.

The price of the return label is automatically calculated based on shipping rate factors (i.e. size of the product, weight of the product, distance being traveled, dimensions, etc.) at the time a return is requested.  A return label must be purchased for each individual item being returned. When printing the return label provided by us, customers should be sure to cross-check the SKU number and order number against the items the customer is returned.

Alternatively, customers have the option of contacting carriers of their choice to arrange a return shipment. If choosing to do so, however, customers are responsible for providing us with their return tracking number. Failure to do so will result in delays in processing the refund credit being returned. A separate tracking number must be provided for each item being returned.

PLEASE NOTE: even if the customer is using their own carrier, they must still clearly write the RAN on the outside of the packaging of the area rug. Otherwise, the return may be considered incomplete or incur a 25% restocking fee.

Once we receive the merchandise at our warehouse, the RAN will allow us to properly process the customer’s refund, which will be issued upon a favorable inspection on the merchandise



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